Friday, September 24, 2010


Above: HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark at the christening of Princess Isabella
Below: HeadGirl Mary (Available now at Bonanza) 

I was never someone who loved fashion. 

I only bought my first fashion magazine ELLE in the summer of 1994, the year I went to university, because I was getting something from a supermarket and the magazine happened to be on a rack near the cashier. I just took it down and paid thinking that it would make me look stylish.

I stopped reading for many years. Then after graduation, I became a journalist and I was assigned to do court stories. 

It was ELLE again, when the black-and-white, life-and-death situations at court darkened my perspective on life and almost drowned me. They were hiring beauty editor, so I wrote a letter. However, a twist came and I ended up working for a buying office that manufactured quality hotel robes for casinos and five stars hotels around the world. I haughtily but secretly considered myself a "fashion person". (Oh did I mention that we did sleepwear for name brand clients too?)

That was when I began reading extensively fashion magazines from around the world.

Life took on another unexpected path and this time I landed myself a temp secretary job at a real local fashion magazine. 
I met a lot of people there, a lot more colourful and fashionable people than the newspaper or the clothing buying office.

However, I never met anyone that truly inspired me. I always thought, if they could not inspire me in any ways, pleeeeeease, wear something nice and enlighten me....fashionably! 

I was dying for inspiration until I finally "met" HRH Crown Princess of Denmark, née Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, on HELLO! Magazines. How can people have words that are suitable to describe her? Her style is impeccable. She reminds us of the bygone grace and elegance. She is herself, and she is style.
I am in love with everything she wears, every style she manages to carry. 

And thus, the creation of HeadGirl Mary.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Less is more or more is less

When I was busy sewing last night, my darlings started a conversation with me. Usually I preferred working quietly, however, lately I have been so busy to cook and clean or even talk to the girls, therefore, I patiently answered all queries they had in their minds.

"Mama, can I sew and sell like what you do now?"


"Mama, can I have those laces you are using?"


"Mama, can I use these faux diamonds?"


"Mama, how many per style are you making?"

Finally, I thought it was something that deserved a long answer.

"Maybe two."

"Why Mama? Why so few?"

If repetitive orders come in, of course I will have to fulfill customers' requests. However, I am someone who is afraid of boredom. If for one night I need to sew 100 pcs in the same style, I think I will really go nuts. Therefore, some styles might really be of limited quantities, partly because of the availability of materials, and mainly due to my forever active mind.

New styles pop up in my head every now and then and I can hardly find time to nail them all down.

And even when I create the same piece, a second one is always somewhat different than the first. And since they are all handmade, each piece is always just as unique.

Just like people we know, children we have. Never should we attempt in comparing one another. As a mother of two, I have been asked through my decade long motherhood which child I favour more. There is no such thing as favouritism, even though it is a universal fact that parents seem not to be able to love all children "at one time."

Nonetheless, the love my girls receive from me is never too little, never too much, and no one receives more than the other.

When life sometimes does not seem too fair, just do what you are capable of doing: no need to overdo or under perform.

And we shall have no regrets in life.

The Clip-O-Darling Party
(From left to right: Airy Fairies, Love Bouquet, Victoria's Garden in BlueVictoria's Garden in Pink, Robin's Delight and Latte Love, selected items available now at Bonanza)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

When you are creative enough

When I was making some new accessories the other night, my girl asked if I needed a pen and paper to draw out a sketch first.

I said I didn't have to.

She wondered why.

I told her, sometimes when I place all the ribbons, laces and rosettes on the dining table, they would look like a tangled mess to other people, but I could always immediately picture what goes with what. And in no time, I would already be spotted needling truthfully according to the designs which float in my head.

I always encourage my girls to be creative.

When you are creative enough, there is nothing you cannot resolve in life.

The French Pastry Collection Baronette

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer is

Summer is also when flowers look at their most stunning 
Featuring La Jardin de Victoria - available in assortments of colours (available soon)

Yeah, I know I know. My summer is ending. Yes, "MY" summer. Summer is when I do not need to shout and ask if homework's done, or if revision's completed. Summer is when I do not have to deliver lunch and  drive from day to night like a chauffeur.

Are your darlings ready to go back to school? Mines are probably still thinking they have some two more months instead of two more weeks.

To make myself feel better, at least I will not sweat that much once the cool breeze sets in.


From left to right: Blushing Rosemary, Catherine, Denise and Marie from the Blossoming Spring Collection (Selected items available now) 

I woke up today from a dream, at the break of dawn, suddenly realising my girls are so grown already.

I miss terribly the time when I could just pick them up single-handedly. 

I was those annoying ones who would like to "disturb" them when they were asleep: whispering in their ears how much I loved them, kissing them until they brushed me aside in their deep sleep, or simply scooping them up from their crib (when they were still tiny) and let them sleep sweetly and soundly in my arms until they blinked open their little eyes.

Those were the days...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To THE Sugar Darlings

My dearly beloved daughters,

I am sorry to let you both worry about me being "in between jobs"...."again." When you suggested that I could promote your beloved hair accessories to other people, I was touched at how willing you both were, to share with people things that were dear to you - something I have been teaching you two since eh, let me see, before your births.

Then, you two mentioned: "Mommy, sell each piece at $9,999 because they are all beautiful."

"And then we can become rich." You two added.

Ah! Oh...Eh......

Sorry girls that Mommy would need to disobey your order. No one would want to make such expensive purchase and then we go bankrupt and sleep on the street.

Mommy always tries her best to price everything reasonably. If something is "a little expensive", it is only because of the amount of time involved in its creation, or, simply, the fabrics, trimmings Mommy uses are all antiques. Yes, antiques (meaning really, really, really x 100 times old things). One consumed, one less in existence. Then if and when someone likes it so much to want and have it, Mommy would congratulate those having their fortune (meaning two ways) to bring home one masterpiece. 

OK, now girls, it's getting late and you two should be in bed. Sleep tight and don't let bed bugs bite.

Love you two always and forever,
Mommy <3

Welcome to Sugar Darlings

Rosemary in Blue - Headband in blue and white checkers ribbon
with paper rosettes and polyester ribbon
s (Available soon)

To my dearly beloved customers,

It is my honour to have you here as a shopping customer, or as someone who just loves looking at some shopping sites.

Whether you are wanting something for that special darling, or that special darling turns out to be you yourself, I cherish your visit and you are just most welcomed.

I wish you nothing but the best.

Be happy always,
Sugar Darlings