Monday, June 13, 2011

Naming - Miss E's Wedding Headpiece

As much as I love creating new things, I also love naming these little wonders.

Naming something after someone is...such an honour, and so romantic. A few mansions here built by the local tycoons and millionaires (decades ago when millionaires were synonyms of billionaires, or even gazillionaires), were either named after their wives or mothers. So, afterall, people didn't really lose their sons once their big boys got married.

The headpiece I created for my own wedding was very much inspired by Grace Kelly's wedding lace cap. But to name it "Grace Kelly inspired Juliet cap style headband" was a little too descriptive in nature, but too necessary when I first started this business on Etsy.

I just needed to make sure I was hitting the right keywords otherwise who on earth knew who and what on earth "House of Sugar Darlings" was.

Even though I am still pretty unknown out there, I do think it's time to name the headpiece after a bride-to-be purchased it.

I was a little surprised, but mainly touched, that a beautiful lady purchased it right away (without giving me a "hard time"), showing her confidence in me. I had discussed with many people on many occasions how I should price this item. But it looked like we didn't really get an answer. And many times, I doubted myself. 

And more surprisingly, this beautiful lady has a name that starts with an "E" as well. Isn't it obvious enough now, that this headpiece should have a name that starts with an "E" too? To aptly name it, and to thank this customer for her support, trust and confidence in me, the headpiece finally has a name.

Thank you, thank you so much, Evelyn.

You have been an angel.