Tuesday, September 11, 2012

There are no rules in styling, you've just got to try

We had a wonderful event at Chinoiserie this past Sunday. It was my first public event as an exhibitor and I was lucky enough to have met over 20 brides-to-be.

How funny it was that during the event, I was presented as an expert in styling headpieces. If you have been following me for quite a while, you know clearly that I am just an amateur who is fortunate enough to have finally turned a life long hobby into a career.

I got asked a lot: what kinds of headpieces go with what kinds of head shapes?

To be honest, I will tell you: I do not know.

True that we are born differently in head shapes and sizes wise. However, how you look, how you want to look, what you love, and most importantly, whether you have the courage and confident to try new styles, or styles that you would never have dreamt of attempting, all matter.

I had a very beautiful fresh-faced bride-to-be, who kept saying she lacked femininity in her look. She was born with a very gorgeous head shape, (and a great body!) just like a perfect egg! You would just envy her flawless fresh skin! I didn't find a single spot! She showed me her dresses, every piece was a dream gown! So feminine and truly romantic. I knew I had to tell her: "with just a little bit of makeup, you are going to stun everyone around you. You've got to have confidence in yourself too!"

I literally forced her to try on every style available at my little corner. She hesitated but she did start trying. When the first headpiece landed on her head, the one she kept telling me "I won't look good in it", her worried face broke into a smile. That's when you know your customers are feeling very good about what you have made.

She tried as many as she liked, and every single piece looked as if it was made especially for her. She's been those lucky few who can wear all my headpieces and look stunning in each and every one.

I was taught long ago by my boss at one of my previous jobs: try, and you may have what you want. Fail to try, you definitely have nothing.

There are no rules in styling, please remember that you've just got to try.


my little one helping with the set up and trying on a veil she adored

A dress table full of hair accessories: every woman's dream?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

When Clients are Happy

When we make things for other people, we are often happy to see the end products looking exactly as we first created and captured on pictures. (We don't want clients asking why their accessories are looking nothing like the listings.) However, the ultimate happiness always comes from the satisfaction of clients' surprised little notes, telling me how they adore my creations.

These notes often come in when I least expect them, and I never take these notes for granted.  

Thank you those who have loved HoSD designs and have been so sweet enough to tell me how much you love what you receive.

These encouraging notes help me survive the sometimes rough and depressive creative journey. 

I am forever grateful to your kindness.

"the headband arrived yesterday and is stunning, absolutely beautiful even more than expected!

"thank you vey much"

~ from a bride in Italy 

May 20, 2012

"Absolutely lovely headband, the craftsmanship is really phenomenal. This seller was prompt, professional, and a lovely person. Such a pleasant transaction and a wonderful piece."

~ from a bride in Maryland, USA

May 11, 2011

Joy of Creating!

May has been a rather creative and productive month, to my joy and to my surprise. I have enough online and offline orders that keep me busy, but at the same time I could not resist the temptation to create something new.

And thanks to Emily, the talented florist, owner of M.dimension, who has recently commissioned me to work on an exquisite piece for her June bride. She has given me enough details so that I could almost visualise what she saw.

Once again I am in love with my new creation. I have thus made another wearable piece and listed in my shop, and named this beautiful necklace after Emily.

It is always a joy to work with Emily. 

And it is also my joy to be her friend.

Created especially for Emily's June bride

A necklace version for my Etsy shop

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Sherbet Garden

Spring is finally here! Though I am not too convinced that it means we are rid of all the casual cold breezes. Nonetheless, how delightful it is to see that all windows in shops are already freshened up with sherbet colour clothings.

The candy colour fashion of Spring has definitely excited and awaken my creative spirit and thus these soft and beautiful colour accessories were born.

I hope you enjoy wearing them!

Pink Lemonade Headband (on Icing Headband)

Spring Blossoms Headband

Marie in Pink Lemonade

My colour inspirations: 

Pastel colour macarons

Mulberry S/S12 campaign 

Louis Vuitoon S/S12 campaign 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Valentine's Day this year is going to be special, for me, or for Sugar Darlings. This is the first time ever I am doing a crossover with another shop. She is a florist who is known for her poetic arrangement of her flowers and her unparalleled aesthetic taste.

She creates unforgettable masterpieces with her bare hands. These are flowers you see almost and probably every day in your life. And every time when her work is completed and presented, you just wonder: how did she do that? 

Well. She just did. 

Some people are really born with some special talents. And aren't we all fortunate to be able to enjoy her works?

And the specialness doubled, or even tripled, when Emily contacted me and asked if I was interested in doing a special collaboration with her. Of course! 

Absolutely honoured. 

I already know this year's Valentine's Day is going to be usual, but in a terrific way. 

I hope yours will be too.

Hearts of Flowers arrangements by 文殊花度 M.dimension
To visit her blog: http://mdimensionhk.blogspot.com/
To visit her Facebook fan page:  https://www.facebook.com/M.dimension