Sunday, February 27, 2011

Etsy Treasury List - A love story that takes 20 years to find its happy ending

This girl, now thinks back, believes she did love this boy at first sight.
But this boy who loved and still loves video games, never felt the same and he thought of her as his best friend only.
Then this boy fell in love, not with her but with another girl, and another girl, and never her.

Heartbroken, she went through the sadness and later on married and had two beautiful girls.

Fate played a joke with her when It took away her husband at a very young age.

Life went on but it was very sad and difficult. Years after the tragedy, she realised that the boy she once fancied, had often and always been by her side through thick or thin, and felt so grateful to have him as her confidant.

Having been best friends for 12 years, they shared many, many wonderful meals together.

Fate stepped in again.

One night, the boy decided that this time he didn't want her to be his best friend anymore.

He finally held her hand.
And loved her children as if his own princesses.

Eight years went by with love growing forever strong, he proposed to her one morning after getting permission from the children.
They finally wedded after knowing each other for 20 years, on a warm and sunlit December day.

So, everyone had thought from the very beginning that they had always been such a perfect pair.
What has taken so long?

The girl and the boy felt blessed that their love was based on years and years of friendship.
They did not love because they understood each other.
They loved because they talked to each other and never failed to share every moment together.

Now, they have only one wish: to be healthy, happy, and grow old together. (For the boy: to keep playing video games even when old, with his grandchildren.)

This year marks their 20th year on friendship, and the 8th year of still being very fond of each other.