Saturday, May 26, 2012

When Clients are Happy

When we make things for other people, we are often happy to see the end products looking exactly as we first created and captured on pictures. (We don't want clients asking why their accessories are looking nothing like the listings.) However, the ultimate happiness always comes from the satisfaction of clients' surprised little notes, telling me how they adore my creations.

These notes often come in when I least expect them, and I never take these notes for granted.  

Thank you those who have loved HoSD designs and have been so sweet enough to tell me how much you love what you receive.

These encouraging notes help me survive the sometimes rough and depressive creative journey. 

I am forever grateful to your kindness.

"the headband arrived yesterday and is stunning, absolutely beautiful even more than expected!

"thank you vey much"

~ from a bride in Italy 

May 20, 2012

"Absolutely lovely headband, the craftsmanship is really phenomenal. This seller was prompt, professional, and a lovely person. Such a pleasant transaction and a wonderful piece."

~ from a bride in Maryland, USA

May 11, 2011

Joy of Creating!

May has been a rather creative and productive month, to my joy and to my surprise. I have enough online and offline orders that keep me busy, but at the same time I could not resist the temptation to create something new.

And thanks to Emily, the talented florist, owner of M.dimension, who has recently commissioned me to work on an exquisite piece for her June bride. She has given me enough details so that I could almost visualise what she saw.

Once again I am in love with my new creation. I have thus made another wearable piece and listed in my shop, and named this beautiful necklace after Emily.

It is always a joy to work with Emily. 

And it is also my joy to be her friend.

Created especially for Emily's June bride

A necklace version for my Etsy shop