Sunday, July 17, 2011

What dress

In preparation for my first official wedding headpiece and accessories collection with Chinoiserie Bridal, I took out my wedding dress from the suitcase and hung inside my bedroom for a photo shoot.

A few days afterwards, one afternoon after picking up my little one from school, we chatted, as usual, whilst driving home.

"Mama, Daddy asked what dress that was hanging inside your bedroom." She said.

I surely sounded dazed and confused, "What dress?"

"Mama, your wedding gown! Daddy couldn't recognise your wedding gown!" Beth said.


What has happened to his memory?

Did my husband think I was naked the whole time when we exchanged vow, wedding rings, toasted, gave speech, and even had our wedding pictures taken?

I remember I had only an hour's sleep the night before, rushing my veil, and other accessories for my evening gowns. Surely my memory was somewhat impaired because of lack of proper rest, not only the night before, but weeks and even months leading to the big day. But he didn't do anything that weakened his own memory.

To be honest, there was a secret rampage of anger inside my heart. 

That very night, when he came home from work, I followed him to the room and pointed to "the dress", and asked, "What dress is this, Mister?"

"That is your wedding gown of course!"

"I heard you only knew it, very recently." I replied. "So, what were you thinking??" I just had to ask.

"I hope you don't come home one day, point at me, and ask me "what woman" I am, thank you." I remarked. 

I did a very good job hiding the sketch, pictures and photos of my wedding gown for 8 months before our big day. I was waiting the whole time for him to be impressed, wowed, and said I was a genius.

I looked back at the pictures, to see why he could not realise my all.

Of all the pictures we took together, he was, all the time, really not looking at my gown.

He was busy looking very happy, very blessed, and most important of all, he looked very much loved and in love.

He is thus, forgiven.

This is the What Dress, aka my wedding gown, taking 4 months to research, 8 months from raw sketch to finish. And my husband did not remember me wearing all.
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Photo credits: Thomas Galleria and my own twin sister