Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Picasso's Women

When I was working on a wedding headpiece recently, I randomly made some petals, and later decided to sew the petals together to form a flower. Then I added silver glass tube beads with a gold glass seed bead on top of each of the tube.

Suddenly, I had a thought. I thought, could my flower happen to look like a real orange blossom?

I began to do an image search online and found that an orange blossom does have five petals! What's more exciting was that the stamens looked surprisingly alike to what I have done with my glass beads! Only that my petals were a little chubbier than the slim and svelte natural ones. Regardless, I proceeded with the flower making and happily adorned them on top of the headband.

Later that night, my husband came home. To earn some praises (like a little girl) and confirmation, I showed him pictures of real orange blossoms and asked him to compare my work.

"Do they look alike?" I needed to know because I was about to write in my product description that the 100% silk flowers were orange blossoms.

He glanced back and forth, (with me excitedly anticipating) and said in a firm voice: "NO."

"What no? Not really alike, but still alike, or absolutely NOT alike?" I asked.

"I cannot see their similarity, at all," my husband declared.

He broke my heart definitely in that three seconds. So I began to explain about the five petals, the gold and silver stamens....I told him, artists always have their own visions of things, their own interpretations of nature...you know, their own versions of...of whatever they work on.

"Well. you asked me to give you an opinion, and I gave you mine. I said no, they are absolutely not alike, because they really aren't!" he just had to reiterate it.

Some people are born with imagination...some are well, just more...realistic.

Argh. Wait till he sees Picasso's "women"!

《Seated Woman》was modeled by his Picasso's mistree Marie-Thérèse Walter in 1937

《Dora Maar au Chat》Picasso painted his other mistress Dora Maar in 1941

A real orange blossom (picture source from the Internet, photographer unknown)

My version of an orange blossom